soлomiya is a magazine founded by Sebastian Wells and Vsevolod Kazarin in April 2022 in response to russia’s war against Ukraine. Artists from Kyiv and Berlin collaborated to make this magazine, which aims to promote the visibility of common democratic and European values shared by people from Ukraine and other European countries. Being a platform of self-expression for the young generation of creatives from Ukraine, soлomiya is both an itinerant group exhibition and an art object in itself.

« Hugely impressive as a first issue, Solomiya has immediately established itself as a voice on the war in Ukraine, and I hope that as long as the conflict has to continue, Solomiya will keep on publishing its unique perspective. »

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« The pages of new magazine Solomiya show a different side to Ukraine than the one we see in the daily news reports. The magazine is a remarkable achievement, its loosebound structure giving it an instant, portfolio feel. »


Beneath this blanket of dust and destruction, it is in art that, since the day of the Russian invasion on February 24th of last year, the young Ukrainian generations have found a foothold, a way to remain attached to hope, not to succumb to brutality, to express to themselves and to the world the movements of the soul, the points of view and the complexities of those who live every day in the midst of a conflict. From these voices and visions Soлomiya is composed, a new magazine created between Kyiv and Berlin, born in April 2022 under the bombs and bullets.